Project Supervision

9 doctorates and have been completed under my supervision since 2012. I currently supervise another 4 doctoral projects. The list below includes all research projects (including postdoc and other research) I supervise and co-supervise, most of these with acquired competitive funding.

Eline Huygens, Between the Religious and the Secular. Discourses and Meanings of Love, Relationships, and Intimacy among Roman Catholic Women, PhD project, 2017-2023

Irma Emmery, Marriage Migration & Mothering, PhD project FWO Amal Miri, 2019-2020

Ladan Rahbari, Motherhood and Lived Religion: Empirical Study on Perceptions and Experiences of Shiite Mothering in Belgium, Postdoctoral project FWO, 2019-2022

Siggie Vertommen, Global Fertility Chains: a feminist political economy of outsourced reproduction from Israël to Ukraine and Georgia, Postdoctoral project FWO, 2019-2022, co-supervisor with Sami Zemni

Ellen Decoo, Gender roles in Mormonism: Diversity among Belgian Mormon women from a feminist and intersectional perspective, PhD project, 2017-2021

Lieke Schrijvers, Negotiating Secular and Religious Gender Discourses: Women Converting to Islam, Orthodox Judaism and Evangelical Christianity in the Netherlands, PhD project NWO, 2016-2021, co-supervisor with Anne-Marie Korte (UU)

Carine Plancke, Embodying the feminine divine. Agency, subjectivity and cultural alterity in women’s yogic retreats, Postdoctoral project FWO, 2017-2020

Amal Miri, Marriage Migration: Integration, Identity and Empowerment among Muslim Women in Belgian Society, PhD project FWO, 2015-2020, supervised with Prof. Sarah Bracke (UvA) & Prof. Nadia Fadil (KUL)

Susan Dierickx, Women experiencing infertility in The Gambia: A contextualised understanding of agency, harm and violence, PhD project FWO, 2015-2020, joint doctorate with VUB, supervised with Prof. Gily Coene

Golnesa Rezanezhad Pishkhani, ‘Kilim’ as a Visual Medium Under Contemporary Social-Cultural Concerns: Female-artisans Hand-woven Carpet in Iran, an Artistic Participatory Project, PhD project doctorate in the Arts, 2015-2020, co-supervised with Prof. Aymon Kreil & Dr. Catherine Willems, KASK

Ladan Rahbari, Gender, Sexuality and the Moral Body: A Qualitative Study of Perceptions and Experiences of Body Management among Women in Iran and Iranian Migrant Women in Belgium, PhD project FWO, 2015-2020, joint doctorate with VUB, supervised with Prof. Gily Coene

Nina Callens, IDEM. Every body counts. An information platform about variations in sex characteristics , Flemish Ministry of Equal Opportunities, 2017-2019, supervised with Prof. Joz Motmans.

Nina Callens, DSD. Differences of sex development / Intersex in Belgium. Medical care and legislative needs, Flemish Minister of Equality Policies and the federal state secretary of Equality, 2016 – 2016, supervised with Prof. Joz Motmans

Katrien De Graeve, Unravelling the monogamy-nuclear family nexus. Empirical study on discourses of exclusivity and plurality in the context of the normative two-parent nuclear family, FWO postdoctoral project, 2016 – 2019

Maria Judite Chipenembe, Sexual rights activism in Mozambique : a qualitative case study of civil society organisations and experiences of lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, PhD project VLIR-IUOS, 2015-2018, joint doctorate with VUB, supervised with Prof. Gily Coene

Sisa Ngabaza, Young women’s work in neoliberal global contexts. A case of call centres in South Africa, University of Western Cape, Global Minds funded Visiting professorship, 2018.

An van Raemdonck, Female Genital Cutting and the Politics of Islamicate Practices in Egypt. Debating Development and Religious/Secular Divide, PhD project FWO, 2011-2016, supervised with Prof. Els Leye

Lydia Namatende, Agency within Crevices of Subordination: Female Teacher Educators’ Gendered Lived Experiences in Uganda, PhD BOF development cooperation project, 2012-2016, supervised with Prof. Martin Valcke

Katrien De Graeve, Belonging and the ethics of care. Refugee aid and guardianships of unaccompanied refugee minors, FWO postdoctoral project 2013-2016

Elif Simsek, Elif Shafak and Emine Sevgi Özdamar: Politics of Fiction, Re-negotiating Secularism, Decolonial Feminism and Decolonial Aesthesis, PhD project, 2011-2016, joint doctorate with University of Salzburg, supervised with Prof. Ralph Poole

Anjali Kurane, Human Rights, Gender and Development: A study of Dalit Women in India, Pune University, India, Erasmus Mundus Action 2 project NAMASTE funded visiting professorship, 2015

Nella van den Brandt, Religion, Secularity and Feminism in a West-European Context: A Qualitative Study of Organisations and Activism in Flanders, BOF PhD project, 2010-2014

Tine Brouckaert, Accoucher la Citoyenneté. Expériences et témoignages de femmes sans-papiers à propos de leur travail maternel, PhD project, joint doctorate with Université St. Etienne, France, supervised with Marc Derycke, 2009-2013.

Rini Sudarmanti, Women and leadership in Indonesia, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia, Lotus Erasmus Mundus Action Partnership, visiting postdoctoral scholarship, supervised with Sofie van Bauwel, 2012-2013

Katrien De Graeve, Discourses of difference in ‘adoption cultures’: the case of Flemish adoptive parents of children from Ethiopia, BOF PhD project, 2008-2012

Wu Ga (Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences, Kunming, China), Building China’s gendered anthropological training as an academic discipline in the age of globalization, Lotus, Erasmus Mundus Action Partnership, visiting professorship funding 2011-2012.

Tamar El-Or, Research and co-operation in the anthropology of religious and ethnographic research methods, among Orthodox Jewish communities in Western Europe and Israel, Hebrew University, Israel, UGent funded visiting professorship, 2009

Gily Coene, The realization of a study in view of an action plan on gender and migration in the framework of the projects of the Institute for Equality between Women and Men. Institute for Equality between Women and Men, Brussels, 2005. 

PhD viva Lydia Namatende 2016