Academic services


Since 2019     Member Human Resource Committee as expert Education Quality Control for career path and evaluation policy for professorial staff Dept. Languages & Cultures (ca. 15 committee meetings) 

Since 2018     Member Faculty Governance Board

Since 2014    Program Director Interuniversity MA in Gender and Diversity 

2014-2019    Exam commission Secretary Interuniversity MA in Gender and Diversity 

Since 2015    Program Director Linking program in Gender and Diversity 

Since 2013    Director Centre for Research on Culture and Gender

Since 2017    Co-director Research Alliance ‘Ethics, Culture and Society’

Since 2013    Coordinator Faculty Diversity Policy Team

2014-2016    Representative Internationalization MA Gender & Diversity

2013-2014    Initiator and founder MA in Gender and Diversity

2013+2016    Director visitation MA Gender & Diversity

Since 2016    Exam secretary PhD Gender and Diversity Studies

Since 2013    Member Faculty Board

Since 2013    Member advisory board central diversity policies

Since 2013    Library collection representative anthropology & religious studies

2013-2017    Representative UGent working group Equal Opportunities Flemish Inter University Council, Brussels